IAFP 2013

Workshop on Iterative Approximation of Fixed Points

in conjunction with


15th International Symposium on
Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing
Timisoara, Romania
September 23 – 26, 2013

Preliminary program

Session 1:  Monday, 23 September, 10:40-12:00, Chair: Stefan Maruster

  • Marcel Serban. Iterative algorithm for triangular operators
  • Mihaela Petric and Vasile Berinde. Fixed point theorems for nonself single-valued cyclic contractions
  • Marin Borcut, Madalina Pacurar and Vasile Berinde. Tripled fixed point theorems for Kannan type mixed monotone mappings
  • Dorel Mihet and Claudia Zaharia. Nonlinear contractions in fuzzy metric space

Session 2:  Monday 23 September, 14:20-16:00, Chair: Ioan A. Rus

  • Stefan Maruster. On the convergence of Picard iteration for strong demicontractive mappings
  •  Monica Lauran. The estimation of solution of Fredholm integral equation in three variables
  • Florin Bojor. On some fixed point theorems for contractive mappings in metric spaces endowed with a graph
  • Vasile Berinde and Madalina Pacurar. The contraction mapping principle for nonself mappings on Banach spaces endowed with a graph
  • Andrei Bozantan and Vasile Berinde. The mini software package FIXPOINT for approximating fixed points of real functions

Session 3: Tuesday, 24 September, 10:10-12:10, Chair: Vasile Berinde

  • Charles Chidume and M.S. Minjibir. New existence theorems for abstract Hammerstein equations
  • Ioan A. Rus. Dynamic of a continuously Frechet differentiable operator of which differential at each point is weakly Picard operator
  • Zinovi Krougly, David Jeffrey and Dina Tsarapkina. Extended-precision computation in Matlab of Inverse Laplace Transforms
  • Gabriella Kovacs. Controlling autonomous scalar discrete dynamical systems generated by Lipschitz functions
  •  Cristina Ticala. Approximating fixed points of demicontractive mappings by iterative methods defined as admissible perturbations of an operator
  •  Oana Bumbariu. On the B-algorithm for accelerating fixed point iterative methods
  • Ioana Timis. Stability of coupled and tripled fixed point iterative methods for monotone and mixed monotone mappings 

Session 4: Tuesday, 24 September, 14:40-16:00, Chair: Charles Chidume

  • Laszlo Balog and Vasile Berinde. Fixed point theorems for non self single-valued contractive type mappings on Banach spaces endowed with a graph
  •  Andrei Horvat-Marc and Vasile Berinde.  Fixed point theorema for nonself single-valued mappings satisfying the inwardness condition  
  • Lavinia Cristina Moatar-Moleriu and Radu Dumitru Moleriu. A comparative study upon the analysis of compartmental growth models
  •  Liviu Scai. Experiments and the recommendation for partitioning systems of equations

Workshop Deadlines

Submission of abstract: July 31, 2013
Notification of acceptance: August 15, 2013
Registration: September 1, 2013
Workshop starts: September 23, 2013
Full papers for special issue: November 30, 2013

Workshop Co-Chairs

* Vasile Berinde, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Technical Univ. of Cluj-Napoca, North University Center at Baia Mare, Romania
* Stefan Maruster, Department of Computer Science, West Univ. of Timisoara, Romania
* Ioan A Rus, Department of Mathematics, Univ. “Babes-Bolyai”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


The workshop seeks to gather together scientists working in the field of Fixed Point Theory with special emphasis on the iterative methods for fixed point approximation. We hope that it will highlight the most recent advances in various branches of this area and will be an opportunity to exchange ideas and new results.


* Fixed point theory for various classes of contractive type operators.
* Convergence and stability of fixed point iterative algorithms
* Ulam-Hyers stability and fixed points
* Applications of fixed point theory

Program Committee

+ Liviu Cadariu, Romania
+ Abdul Rahim Khan, Saudi Arabia
+ Dorel Mihet, Romania
+ Madalina Pacurar, Romania
+ Adrian Petrusel, Romania
+ Naseer Shahzad, Saudi Arabia

Paper Submission

The authors are invited to submit electronically their contributions as a short abstract (1 page maximum) to Vasile Berinde (vberinde@ubm.ro)


The papers accepted for presentation will be included in a locally edited proceedings (electronic version on a memory stick).

Extended versions of the papers accepted and presented at the workshop will be considering to be published as a special issue in the Mathematics and Computer Science Annals of the West University of Timisoara (http://users.math.uvt.ro/~anmath/) or in SCPE – Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience (http://www.scpe.org/) (under ISI Thomson evaluation).

Other possibilities for publication will be formulated soon after the workshop.

Contact data:

Andrei Horvat-Marc
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
North University Center at Baia Mare
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
Victoriei nr. 76
Baia Mare, Romania