Logic and Programming

Preliminary Program

Session 1: Thursday, 26 September (10:10-12:10)

  • Walid Belkhir, Yannick Chevalier and Michael Rusinowitch. Fresh-Variable Automata (Application to Service Composition)
  • Sylvain Conchon, Mohamed Iguernelala and Alain Mebsout. A Collaborative Framework for Non-Linear Integer Arithmetic Reasoning in Alt-Ergo
  • Ioan Dragan, Konstantin Korovin, Laura Kovács and Andrei Voronkov. Bound Propagation for Arithmetic Reasoning in Vampire
  • Andrei Arusoaie. Engineering Hoare Logic-based Program Verification in K Framework
  • Lorenzo Capra and Vincenzo Stile. An extension of the Interpreter pattern to define domain-parametric rewriting systems.
  • Érik Martin-Dorel, Micaela Mayero, Ioana Pasca, Laurence Rideau and Laurent Théry. Certified, Efficient and Sharp Univariate Taylor Models in COQ

Session 2: Thursday, 26 September (13:10-13:50)

  • Lucian Radu Teodorescu and Rodica Potolea. Compiler design for hyper-metaprogramming
  • Gabriele Paganelli and Wolfgang Ahrendt. Verifying (in-)stability in floating-point programs by increasing precision using SMT solvers

* Chairs

+ Tudor Jebelean, Johannes Kepler University, Austria
+ Laura Kovacs, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

* Topics

+ automatic reasoning
+ formal system verification
+ formal verification and synthesis
+ software quality assessment
+ static analysis
+ timing analysis

* Program committee

+ Stefan Andrei, Lamar University, US
+ Adrian Craciun, West University Timisoara, Romania
+ Cezara Dragoi, IST, Austria
+ Martin Giese, University of Oslo, Norway
+ Tudor Jebelean, RISC-Linz, Austria
+ Jens Knoop, TU Vienna, Austria
+ Boris Konev, The University of Liverpool, UK
+ Igor Konnov, TU Vienna, Austria
+ Konstantin Korovin, Manchester University, UK
+ Laura Kovacs, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
+ Temur Kutsia, Research Institute for Symbolic Computation, Austria
+ Dorel Lucanu, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania
+ Jie Luo, Beihang University, China
+ Grant Passmore, University of Cambridge and University of Edinburgh, UK
+ Florina Piroi, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
+ Philipp Ruemmer, Uppsala University, Sweden
+ Markus Schordan, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US
+ Viorica Sofronie-Stokkermans, Max Planck Institut, Germany
+ Florian Zuleger, Technische Universiat Wien, Austria