Tetsuo Ida

Tetsuo Ida
University of Tsukuba, Japan


Knot fold of regular polygons:  computer-assisted construction and verification

I will present computer-assisted construction of regular polygons by knot paper fold (origami).  The construction is accompanied by an automated  proof based on algebraic methods.  Knot origami is interesting because of its familiarity for everyone and of  its simple principle.  Knot fold is based on physical constraints , i.e. the rigidity of the paper, unlike Huzita’s basic folds that are based on superpositions of constructed points and creases. Furthermore,  folding a knot is  everyday practice.  The talk is given in a tutorial style and is  interleaved with real-time demos.

Short Bio:
Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba
– born in Yokohama in 1947
– studied at University of Tokyo (BSc., MSc. and  DSc.(physics), Harvey Mudd College (exchange student)  and University of Essex (MSc.)
– served as researcher and professor at Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (Riken), RISC JKU and University of Tsukuba