ACSys 2013 – Workshop on Agents for Complex Systems

+ Agent-based distributed problem solving
+ Multi-agent programming languages
+ Agent oriented software design and methodology
+ Quantitative and qualitative analysis / modeling of multi-agent systems
+ Task-based agent context and task-oriented agents
+ Multi-agent systems for modeling and simulation
+ Recommendation agents for scientific problem solving
+ Distributed knowledge integration and sharing for scientific applications
+ Agent based resource and service discovery
+ Agents and emergent behavior
+ Learning in multi-agent systems

HPCSP 2013 – Workshop on HPC for scientific problems

+ Interactive HPC applications
+ Multi-Scale / Multi- Physics HPC applications
+ Exploration of large data sets on HPC systems
+ Multicore/manycore architectures in scientific applications
+ GPU support for applications
+ Cluster, Grid and Cloud Computing in scientific applications
+ Parallelization of compute or data-intensive tasks in scientific applications
+ Data handling, integration and visualization in scientific applications
+ Distributed infrastructures for scientific applications
+ Programming paradigms for high performance computing in scientific applications
+ Tools and programming environments supporting high performance computing in scientific applications
+ Scheduling in high performance computing for scientific applications
+ Workflow management and remote collaboration in scientific applications
+ System level support for high performance computing in scientific applications
+ Fault tolerance of distributed scientific applications
+ Scalability of infrastructures and applications in scientific applications

* IAFP 2013 – Workshop on Iterative Approximation of Fixed Points

+ Fixed point theory for various classes of contractive type operators.
+ Convergence and stability of fixed point iterative algorithms
+ Ulam-Hyers stability and fixed points
+ Applications of fixed point theory

* MICAS 2013 – Workshop on Management of Resources and Services in Cloud and Sky Computing

+ Self-management in Clouds and federation of Clouds
+ Applications using multiple Clouds
+ Interoperability between Clouds
+ Portability of Cloud based applications
+ Run-time selection of Cloud services
+ Reliability of Cloud services
+ Auto-scaling techniques
+ Scheduling over heterogeneous Clouds
+ Dynamic load balancing between multiple Clouds
+ Architectures for automatic management of  applications based on multiple Clouds
+ Model-driven architectures for multiple Cloud usage scenarios
+ Open-source support for Cloud computing

NCA 2013 – on Natural Computing and Applications

+ evolutionary computing,
+ neural computing, Bayesian networks, learning algorithms,
+ membrane computing, DNA computing, molecular computing,information processing in cells and tissues,
+ quantum computing,
+ immunocomputing,
+ swarm intelligence, particle swarm optimization, ant colony optimization, artificial bee colony
+ bacterial foraging
+ computation with words, granular computation,
+ artificial life, emergent computing and self-organizing systems, complex adaptive systems
+ hybridization of evolutionary, neural, molecular and quantum computing,
+ hybrid optimization algorithms involving natural computing techniques and other global and local optimization methods,
+ integration of natural computing techniques in intelligent systems,
+ implementation issues of natural computing techniques,
+ natural computing approaches for multi-objective, multimodal and dynamic optimization,
+ natural computing approaches in knowledge discovery, natural language processing, image processing, planning and scheduling,information security, human-computer interaction, Web Intelligence, Web-based support systems,
+ natural computing applications in science, business, finance,  engineering,  medicine, bioinformatics and other fields.