Project presentation: CloudLightning – HPC Cloud Services

CloudLightning – HPC Cloud Services

Ioan Dragan, Florin Fortis and Marian Neagul


The CloudLightning project is working towards proposing new ways of provisioning heterogeneous cloud resources in order to deliver HPC services specified by the user. In order to achieve the goals it relies on a bespoke service description language. The main goal for this project is optimisation of cloud resource utilisation in order to address the energy efficiency problem of cloud computing.

In this presentation we will give a short overview of the CloudLightning project. We will start by presenting the problems that are going to be addressed throughout the project alongside with a brief description of the proposed architecture. We will focus our attention more on the communication layer between the underlying system and the end user exemplifying the interactions using one of the use-cases defined in the project, the ray tracing application.